It will be a whole lot of new experience and roller coaster ride for your team.

Some of the points that you can keep in your mind are:-

  • You have started this to learn something which your engineering courses will add up to it. Don’t go for shortcuts. Learn to Improvise and Adapt.
  • Everything is here to sort out don’t hurry for design, team building, finances.
  • The most important point is to keep your Basics and ethics correct and aligned towards your goal.
  • Follow some goods teams of India and International, so you can cope up with the new design and current trends.
  • Start early, time is a big barrier. Use it effectively. For starters they think that we will cover it in end but if you have to take my advice start early. Because design needs and will take time.
  • In start never think that who is not supporting you. Be positive and keep pushing the limits. Never Quit.
  • Don’t go for big targets, break it into pieces and move according to plan. Eg., You can not design the whole chassis in a day you have to start with a link and that matters the most.
  • Keep teams communication above all, talk to all the members about every plan and action. You will understand it’s importance after some time. ( DONT GO FOR INDIVIDUAL FELICITATIONS).
  • If doubt asks, don’t make personal decisions. Follow the BAJA Forum.
  • Hard work to Work Hard.

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