Points to be remembered who are participating for SAEINDIA BAJA event for the first time?

It will be a whole lot of new experience and roller coaster ride for your team.

Some of the points that you can keep in your mind are:-

  • You have started this to learn something which your engineering courses will add up to it. Don’t go for shortcuts. Learn to Improvise and Adapt.
  • Everything is here to sort out don’t hurry for design, team building, finances.
  • The most important point is to keep your Basics and ethics correct and aligned towards your goal.
  • Follow some goods teams of India and International, so you can cope up with the new design and current trends.
  • Start early, time is a big barrier. Use it effectively. For starters they think that we will cover it in end but if you have to take my advice start early. Because design needs and will take time.
  • In start never think that who is not supporting you. Be positive and keep pushing the limits. Never Quit.
  • Don’t go for big targets, break it into pieces and move according to plan. Eg., You can not design the whole chassis in a day you have to start with a link and that matters the most.
  • Keep teams communication above all, talk to all the members about every plan and action. You will understand it’s importance after some time. ( DONT GO FOR INDIVIDUAL FELICITATIONS).
  • If doubt asks, don’t make personal decisions. Follow the BAJA Forum.
  • Hard work to Work Hard.

What do anyone gain from SAEINDIA Events?

SAE Events are a lot more than a learning experience. It’s a life and personality changing decision.

You might not experience it in your first year or work in the team at a junior level. But, as you be a part of a team for a few more years and are given the responsibility for the whole car/team, Car/Buggy starts becoming your life your passion for your love. It gives you theoretical knowledge, practical application of the textbooks, hands-on experience with the machines, and national level exposure to other teams. Along with it, it enhances your soft skills like team and time management, leadership skills, teamwork, self-confidence.

The entire project is full of frequent ups and downs which are breathtaking but yet exciting. It makes you realize the extent of your limits and achieve you to cross them further. It is a year of complete productivity that will get the efficient, sincere and confident part out of you.

What is the procedure for the calculation of the diameter of the drive shaft of a BAJA buggy?

Yes, there is a procedure in our design book.

If you are going to build a BAJA buggy you have to go reverse that is by applying Market availability of drive shaft. Whatever you calculate is impractical or not available in the market. So the best procedure is to do a market study and then decide. Do reverse engineering. The overall calculation is based on torque and speed. Always remember your theoretical knowledge is important but not always useful for practical purposes.

How can SAEINDIA BAJA helps to get placement?

Let’s first talk about direct placements. As a 3rd year and 4th year UG if you participate in SAE BAJA and make the cut of being one of the best academic students, and cleared BAJA Aptitude Test you get to be a part of the placement procedure by the various automotive companies that come for recruiting. There are many renowned companies that come for recruitment at the event. It’s called HR Meet.

Next, talking from the perspective of participating in BAJA alone will expose you to knowledge beyond the college curriculum. Add to that the experience of building your very own vehicle. After this, whichever automotive company or its ancillaries you apply in you have all the relevant knowledge and experience to be recruited. Moreover, the various companies that come at the event can provide you the network you’ll need to contact a company of your choice. So in this way participating in SAE BAJA will help you with recruitment.

SAE BAJA gives you good practical exposure in terms of vehicle design, Suspension design, and chassis design which are great skills to pick up. They will surely be helpful in your placements.

But, If you are going to BAJA for the sake of placement please don’t join the team. There are 24 other people in the team who are making a car out of passion and not just for the one line in there resume you’ll slow them down.

How to balance your time between your studies and SAEINDIA Events?

Well, it is very hard. Believe me, it’s not only about studies and BAJA but also about other stuff. I don’t get time for anything else than these two.

I will tell you about my routine.

10 am to 4 pm we have college and not supposed to do any activities related to BAJA. So we can only continue after 4 pm. Then we are in our workshop generally till 8 pm, as submissions of reports started it goes till midnight and as event date comes closer it goes till morning.

So you can see it is very hard to manage even these two things and forget about other stuff. What I have experienced is, you attend lectures regularly that will take care of your academics and after 4 pm focus on BAJA, that’s it. Apart from that I never get a chance to hang out with my friends or go out on weekends or to give time for hobbies or attend family functions or simply for sleeping.

Many of my friends complain to me about not giving them replies on time or not calling them or not even receiving their call and then call back or not even message them. Simply because I can’t. But still, I make sure that I at least give replies on time.

If you are willing to do both BAJA and academics you will also have to sacrifice many things like me otherwise you will end up with nothing in your hand…

But the most effective thing I do to manage my time is I write down my short term goals, long term goals, the things I am supposed to do from an academics point of view and from BAJA’s point of view and I try to follow it closely so that I don’t waste my time.

What are the powertrain calculations for the E-Baja competition?

It is similar to m-BAJA powertrain calculation.

First of all, you should find drag forces on the vehicle then find out the torque on wheels, after that decide your reduction on the basis of your motor output torque. Its depend on you that which type of transmission system you choose (auto or manual). Then find your acceleration, top speed and gradeability of vehicle.

For the basics take help from fundamental of vehicle dynamics by Thomas d. Gillespie and for coefficients and constants take help from google search engine.

Is bike suspension suitable for E Baja vehicle?

It’s better to use fox or Polaris suspensions designed for ATVs.

Most probably there would be a need of 6 Inch play in the wheel and considering the motion ratio of 0.6 there would be a need of 10-inch play and therefore no bikes are designed to this spring compression. You can use bike suspension like Yamaha FZ, KTM duke series, and RE Himalayan mono-shocks but that doesn’t justify the purpose of the vehicle and also bike suspension eye to eye length is very less so it would create a problem.

Fox offers a discount for Baja students in the form of sponsorship at will help teams economically as well.

Best Material for Rollcage (m-BAJA and e-BAJA)

In case you are planning for making a BAJA roll cage(m-BAJA or E-BAJA), you can consider the option of using AISI 4130 Chromoly steel tubes.

They are pretty strong and quite lightweight too. Their specifications are:

ASM Material Data Sheet

They are pretty difficult to procure in Bangalore, you may have to order it from Pune or any other nearby states.

4130 costs you around 450–500 per meter. In case you find this out of your budget, you can go with the ASTM A106 GRADE B.They too have good mechanical properties and are available at a price of 300–350 per meter.