The winds are changing and so are the directions of the leaves.  India, in its eminent urge for development is trying to move itself from a spot boy in the third world nations to the league of the game changers of the first world nations. And these beauties created by YOU on wheels, is ready to take it for that ride.

Baja Tutor is a energetic and actively innovative non-profit group of ATV enthusiasts, composing of some dynamic BAJA alumni and minds involved in organization of the well-known SAE BAJA for years now. The agenda out here is simple: assisting aspirants of BAJA to get the world zooming.

Baja Tutor was established in 2014 with a small group of likeminded BAJA alumni, who did not want auto enthusiasts in the country to suffer what they went through: sting of insufficient mentorship and lack of proper knowledge or study required for ATV making. Being bugged by queries of fellow and future aspirants over the period of time, they felt the need to set up a database for the cry wanting help. A platform which not only would enhance their understanding and urge about ATV making and their machines, but would also provide effective and efficient technical help desperately required in this field.

BAJA Tutor, hence provides a forum where young enthusiasts can find loads of study material and have a healthy discussion on a particular query, thus helping them to facilitate their preparation and quality of performance, not only in a BAJA event, but also in the automotive world. Free access and mentorship provided by BAJA Tutor experts, acts as superpower for these sidekicks to be the superhero as liabilities like finances to not afford the much needed material or a guide through the endeavor, pulls them down from the dream of ATV making.

Over the period of time, there has an exponential growth in the world of automation and BAJA. The level of competition has increased and so has the ultimatum for the performances. And now it’s time for YOU to get into the picture and make those farfetched ideas, an exceeding reality. With the level of professional exposure provided by you and the hard work of these aspirants, the level and bar the whole competition will be raised to a whole new different level. Our basic aim is to connect you to these aspirants so as to let me have the exposure at an even bigger platform known to you, which will make them stand out in the crowd. It would be really appreciative having your physical presence, but yet if the consequences stand by, there’s always a back door for the students that can seek your help in form of notes, articles, tips, or maybe video calls or texts etc. We would be honored to have your association alongside, to change the face of BAJA for generations to come. This will not only help BAJA Tutor have some out of the blue ideas, but also present you to be the face of it.

Every big thing came from a small dream. So we here request you to make this thing exceed as a whole to raise it to a new platform all together. Your credentials and experience are something that can make us achieve this. Hopefully someday, we all together will create a revolutionary generation of automation, hence making the dream come true.




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