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    1. Jatin Agrawal

      G Forces are nothing but a representation of Forces without considering the mass of the
      vehicle and the “G” is nothing but your acceleration due to gravity i.e., 9.81 m/s2.
      For Example, If a Force of 4G is acting on Steering Knuckle of car weighing 200 kg, then, the total Force acting on one Knuckle is F=4 x 9.81 x (200/4) N
      Here, the mass is taken as (200/4) because there are 4 Knuckles in the car on which the force is supposed to be equally distributed.
      I hope it helps 🙂

    1. Rohit Ranjan Article Author

      You have to use the software or revise the concept of 4 bar mechanism in machine design. Use the graph to plot the displacement of nodes or kingpin point.

    2. Rohit Ranjan Article Author

      Force divided by stiffness of spring will give you deflection of spring.you can consider viscosity but that will complicate your calculation. Try to go practical in UTM machine for jounce and rebound.
      For camber caster use lotus or adams car suspension simulation software. or take the help of the concept of 4 bar mechanism.

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