ANSYS Training Videos

ANSYS Training Videos for BAJA (Workbench, CAE, Fluent)

ANSYS Training Videos Taught By Experts with Experience in Your Field Our ANSYS training videos are designed and delivered by ANSYS experts from the BAJA Tutor Race Car Design & Analysis team, who have seen and solved a vast array of engineering simulation challenges, some  likely to be similar to yours.  They will transfer their expertise and experience […]

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Study Material for Mega ATV Championship - BAJA Tutor

Study Material for Mega ATV Championship

Read any one of the below books thoroughly to grasp the theoretical concept behind vehicle dynamics.: Carroll Smith – Tune to win OCR Competition_Car_Suspension How To Make Your Car Handle – Fred Puhn Race.Car.Vehicle.Dynamics by Milliken & Milliken Suspension_tuning_and_development_by_steve_lymansuspension_tuning_and_development_by_steve_lyman How To Make Your Car Handle – Fred Puhn Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics Competition_Car_Suspension Carroll Smith – […]

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Download Vehicle Dynamic Books

Here are some of the books, an auto enthusiast would likely to go through. Click on the link given.   AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING Automotive Engineering Fundamentals by Richard stone – Download Advanced Materials (Chasis & Frame) for Automotive Technology by Brian Cantor; Taylor and Francis – Download Automotive Engineering Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body – Download Automotive Control System […]

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