SAEINDIA Collegiate Club Procedure

Brief details.

Minimum of 50 students are required to start a SAEINDIA club. There is NO upper limit. Some Clubs have more than 500 student members.

Two faculty members must come forward to work as FACULTY ADVISERS. They also must join SAEINDIA as members.

Each student pays Rs.460/- as annual Membership fee. SUPRA, BAJA participating students should pay the fee as per their year of study as given below.

*Change in Service Tax rate from 15% with effect from June 1st 2016, applicable to all membership fee.

Students can also join the 4+1 scheme & enrol themselves till one year after the passing out year. The student 4+1 enrolment scheme is as follows:

  • 4+1 – 1st Year Student 400 x 4 + 500 = Rs.2100/- + Rs.315/- = Rs.2415/-

  • 3+1 – 2nd Year Student 400 x 3 + 600 = Rs.1800/- + Rs.270/- = Rs.2070/-

  • 2+1 – 3rd Year Student 400 x 2 + 700 = Rs.1500/- + Rs.225/- = Rs.1725/-

  • 1+1 – 4th Year Student 400 x 1 + 800 = Rs.1200/- + Rs.180/-  = Rs.1380/-

  • Annual Membership 400 x 1 + Rs.60/-  = Rs.460/-

  • The membership card will be valid for a period of which the member is paying the subscriptions as stated above.

The SAEINDIA Student gets a substantial monetary benefit if opts for the 4+1 scheme. If he joins normally after passing out, his membership starts at a fee of Rs.1265 /- as against the above. Alternatively if the Institution collects Rs 2415/- during the first year, there is no further need for the collection process till the student passes out. The student also gets an additional year as benefit.


  • Faculty Fees – 1100 x 1 = Rs.1100/- + Rs.165/- = Rs.1265/- including Service Tax @ 15%.


Students who wish to take part in SUPRA or BAJA should compulsorily take +1 membership depending on their year of study. Remaining students can take annual membership.

¬  Membership for Students always start on 1st April and lasts till 31st March irrespective of the date of commencement.

¬  Fill the attached excel sheet (only for students) and send to /, with the details of the payment.

¬  Each Faculty member pays an annual fee of Rs.1265/-. Their membership is a rolling membership of 12 months from the date of commencement.

¬  Fee amount may be sent in a single Bank DD/Cheque drawn in favor of SAEINDIA payable at Chennai. Online transfer can also be done.

¬  All applications (except excel sheet) and the DD to be sent to SAEINDIA office at Chennai for processing.

¬  Processing time takes 30 working days. Membership cards of faculties will be sent in a week. Students cards, receipt, club acknowledgement letter will be sent after 10 days to the college address in the name of the faculty. For all communications, faculty member of the respective club will be contacted.


SAEINDIA Account Details are given below:

Name                       :  SAEINDIA

Account Number       :  000101202792

Nature of Account     :  Special Savings Account

Bank                       :  ICICI Bank

Branch                    :  Teynampet / Cenetoph Road Branch

IFSC Code               :  ICIC0000001

Address                  :  459/1,Anna Salai Road, Teynampet, Chennai -18.

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SAEINDIA collegiate club Registration Guidline
SAEINDIA collegiate club Registration Guidline


1. SAEINDIA has over 45,000 student members in more than 450 collegiate clubs located all over India. Collegiate clubs provide practical exposure to a professional engineering society as well as focal point for campus engineering programs and projects. Applicants must be students pursuing studies leading to any bachelor, masters, or doctoral degree in Engineering Colleges approved by AICTE or UGC. SAEINDIA membership is not open to school students. SAEINDIA Collegiate clubs offer student members organise programs and activities, fellowship, and leadership experience. SAEINDIA student members are also entitled to many of the services available to SAEINDIA’s regular members.


Free Subscription to On – Line Magazines  AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING, AEROSPACE ENGINEERING AND OFF- HIGHWAY. These award winning magazines key in on hot topics about ground vehicle and aircraft developments, providing members with a valuable resource to help keep pace with rapidly changing technology in the mobility industry. One hard copy of each is also sent to one of the faculty Advisers.

 DISCOUNTS ON REGISTRATIONS FOR MAJOR SAEINDIA MEETINGS AND EXHIBITS This unique benefit puts members in touch with professional engineers and hardware suppliers who determine the future of expanding mobility industry worldwide. This is a valuable educational placement resource.

 DISCOUNTS ON SAE TECHNICAL PAPERS AND BOOKS INCLUDING THE HANDBOOK These valuable research materials expand member’s technical expertise on a variety of mobility related topics.

 DISCOUNTS ON SAEINDIA TOP-TECH TRAINING PROGRAMS Student members get a handsome discount on fees for top-tech training programs. In most cases they pay just about half of the regular fee.

 FREE INDUSTRY VISITS Students are taken to the leading automotive vehicle and component manufactories companies through their collegiate clubs based on request to these companies (however, it is no mandatory for these companies to accept the request all the time) These visits give first hand information about the industrial environment.

 DISCOUNT FOR TRANSFERRING TO REGULAR MEMBERSHIP Members graduating from college can transfer into regular membership for only Rs. 800 + Service tax applied while studying.

 PRIORITY PROJECT ALLOCATION FOR STUDENT PROJECTS Automotive companies give preference for SAEINDIA student members in allocating industry projects and training.

 CONTACTS AND NETWORKING Build friendships and future contacts with other engineering students and professionals from local SAEINDIA section, while participating in collegiate club programs and projects.

 SCHOLARSHIPS There are many scholarships to be won both at section level and national level through SAEINDIA Foundation. Student members are eligible to apply for some of the SAE International scholarship also.

 PRIORITY IN JOB OPPORTUNITY Automotive companies give preference for SAEINDIA student members in selection of candidates for placement in their companies.


Many scholarships are offered by SAEINDIA Foundation at section level, national level and by SAE at international level. The present details are given below (May change every year): NATIONAL LEVEL

 ASEIO KALPANA CHAWLA Scholarship: US$ 500 Donor: American Society for Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEIO) This scholarship is open to all lady student members. However, preference will be given to students with Aerospace background.

 TRIM India Kalpana Chawla Scholarship: Rs 15000 Donor: TRIM India Limited This scholarship shall be given to the outstanding SAE student member Woman Engineer of the year. SECTION LEVEL

 ASEIO Outstanding Student Scholarship: US$ 250 Donor: American Society for Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEIO) This scholarship is open to all students.

 SAEINDIA Foundation Student Scholarship: Rs 4000 each Donor: SAEINDIA Foundation. This scholarship is open to all student members. The allocation for sections is given below:  Southern Section – 4  Northern Section – 3  Western Section – 3  Eastern Section – 1  Bangalore Section – 1 INTERNATIONAL LEVEL SAE International and SAE Foundation offer many scholarships for international students. Please refer for details. APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS Applications should be made normally before 31st July. SECTION LEVEL Applications should be made through the Faculty Advise or Head of the Department duly attested by the college. Applications should be sent to SAEINDIA section offices. The address of different sections is given in the last page. NATIONAL LEVEL Applications should be made through the Faculty Advisor or Head of the Department duly attested by the college. Applications should be sent to: Secretary, SAEINDIA Foundation SAEINDIA Northern Section Office No.87 II floor Palam Vyapar Kendra, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon – 122017, HR Ph :0124-4370163 INTERNATIONAL LEVEL Instructions given in the website should be followed. GIVING AWAY SCHOLARSHIPS Section level scholarships will be given normally during the annual student convention. If the student is unable to attend the function, the scholarship will be sent by post to the address given by the student. National level scholarships will be given normally in major national level SAEINDIA event. If the student is unable to attend the event, the scholarship will be given in a section event of student’s convenience. If both the above are not possible, the scholarship will be sent by post to the address given by the student. provides instructions for international scholarships.


Successful SAEINDIA Collegiate clubs provide many benefits to their members and are assets to the engineering colleges where they are located. Collegiate clubs provide students with tangible contact with their future profession – engineering – and, in so doing, further the objectives of engineering education. The purpose of an SAEINDIA Collegiate Club is to increase the benefits of SAEINDIA student membership through special activities that includes affiliation with the sections. The students themselves through the elected officers administer college club affairs. Officers are counseled by the SAEINDIA faculty Adviser and Vice Chair – Student activities The collegiate club functions according to its Constitution and such general rules as may be outlined by the SAEINDIA Engineering Education Board, SAEINDIA Students Activities Committee and the SAEINDIA Board of Directors.


A collegiate club is beneficial to the college and the section. A collegiate club ……

 Arranges for engineering authorities to provide informal and informative meetings with students.

 Stimulates student participation in projects that require the application of engineering knowledge and promote professional growth.

 Sponsors visits to industrial plants and engineering research centers.

 Encourages students to prepare technical presentations for collegiate club meetings, section meetings and for entry in student level competitions.

 Furthers informal contacts with engineers active in industry and government through joint meetings with the section.

 Arranges presentation of industrial and government films which illustrate the application of engineering principles.

 Provides students opportunities to gain experience in administering organizational activities, concluding meetings, taking part in committee activities and writing and speaking before groups.

 Offers social programs that help develop lasting friendships between students themselves, the faculty and section members.

 Provides additional exposure for members as well as clubs through the annual student design competitions and with the recognition and awards programs.

 Gets a reimbursement of Rs 50 /- per student from SAEINDIA towards partial cost of running the local activities.


 Fifty or more student members (Individual application to be attached) and a list to be furnished with email particulars.

 A Faculty Adviser and an Additional Faculty Adviser should be SAEINDIA members. Both of them are required to guide the student members in running the affairs of the Collegiate Club. While the normal SAEINDIA member annual fee is Rs.1400/-, it is subsidised to Rs.1100/- for all teaching faculties.

 Completed SAEINDIA Collegiate Club Application, indicating a declaration of support from the Principal / Dean of Engineering College and Department Head with College seal, with the enclosures mentioned in it.

 Name, Address, Telephone, Mobile numbers and E-mail address of faculty members willing to serve as Faculty Adviser and Additional Faculty Adviser. Both of them should be regular members or join as members of SAEINDIA. Faculty registration is online.

 Tentative schedule of technical meetings, projects and other activities to be conducted by the Club in its first year.  Program designed to recruit new members.

 Student Membership Fee Rs.400/- per person per year + Service tax 14.5% Rs.58/- = Rs.458/-. (Download Student Member Application from our Website  Students can also join the 4 + 1 scheme & enroll themselves till one year after the passing out year. The student 4+1 enrolment scheme is as follows: At time of admission into 1st Year Rs.400 x 4 + 500 = Rs.2100 + S.T 14.5% Rs.305 =Rs.2405/- At the time of entry into 2nd Year Rs.400 x 3 + 600 = Rs.1800 + S.T 14.5% Rs.261 = Rs.2061/- At the time of entry into 3rd Year Rs.400 x 2 + 700 = Rs.1500 + S.T. 14.5% Rs.218 = Rs.1718/- At the time of entry into Final Year Rs.400 x 1 + 800 = Rs.1200 + S.T. 14.5% Rs.174 = Rs.1374/- The membership card will be valid for a period of which the member is paying the subscriptions as stated above. The Student gets a substantial monetary benefit if opts for the 4+1 scheme. Normally after passing out, if he joins as an Associate Member, his membership starts at a fee of Rs1100 / + Service taxes as against the above. Alternatively if the Institution collects Rs 2100/+ Service tax during the first year, there is no further need for the collection process till the student passes out. The student also gets an additional year as benefit. Due to imposition of Swachh Bharat tax, 0.5 %. of the value of taxable services has been revised from 14% to 14.5% which comes into effect form 15-11-2015.


A Student member is vital to the continued success of SAEINDIA. Student members are SAEINDIA’s future. SAEINDIA exposes a student member to the many benefits derived from SAEINDIA’s involvement. It can lead to a lasting and meaningful relationship between SAEINDIA and student members. DEFINITIONS OF COLLEGIATE CLUB SAEINDIA Collegiate Club – an official SAEINDIA Student Club having a minimum of 50 student members, with a senior faculty Adviser and additional faculty Adviser, elected student club officers constitute an SAEINDIA Collegiate Club. The club should have a formal program of projects and seminars, industrial visits and meetings. The name of the Collegiate Club precedes with “SAEINDIA” like SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of Amrita Successful SAEINDIA Collegiate clubs provide many benefits to their members and are assets to the engineering Colleges where they are located. Collegiate clubs provide the students with the ability to contact individuals working in the engineering fields and in doing so, further the objectives of engineering. ORGANIZING AN SAEINDIA COLLEGIATE CLUB The purpose of an SAEINDIA Collegiate Club is to increase the benefits of SAEINDIA student membership through special activities that includes affiliation with your section. The students themselves, through the elected officers, administer Collegiate Club affairs. Due to the limitations in the SAEINDIA’s constitution and its non-profit status, it is also necessary that certain restrictions be placed on Clubs to promote only programs in the scientific and technical fields. Therefore, Clubs should not directly or indirectly:

 Engage in activities to exert political pressure or influence.

 Participate in programs relating to the employer/employee relations or to problems dealing with the economic status of the student /engineer.

 Endorse or condemn any commercial product by indirect or direct action 10. SAEINDIA COLLEGIATE CLUB’S OFFICERS AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES The measure of a Collegiate Club’s success is the extent to which, Club officers and its committee understand and carry out their individual responsibilities and work together. If every person does their job well, all members of the Collegiate Club will benefit. The organization will enjoy high visibility among the campus groups and will stature in the eyes of the College’s administration. The Collegiate Club executive committee should hold regular meetings to discuss Club management, Club programs and matters of interest and concern to the general membership. The duration of service and time of election of officers may be decided by the Collegiate Club on an individual basis, although the duration of the office held should not be less than one year, under normal circumstances. The typical Collegiate Club will have one set of officers for a single academic year. The student officers are usually elected before the end of the academic year by April end or May beginning prior to leaving campus for summer vacation. Regardless of the time of change in officers, the Collegiate Club should follow an election structure that features nominations in the meeting prior to the election, followed by the posting of nominations and holding an election before the completion of the current year. Upon election of officers, the faculty Adviser, chair or secretary should inform SAEINDIA of the names of the new officers and their duration of service. There are many ways to organize your Club. The success and performance of your Club will be based on the programs and activities you plan to implement. Provided are the suggestions for the duties of Collegiate Club officers. CHAIR PERSON Requirements for the job are initiative, drive and ability to think ahead and plan for the group’s continued improvement. It is the chairperson’s responsibility to organize the other officers and committee people into a team and ensure that they all understand their assignments and carry them out. The function of the chairperson is to organize the Club activities. This type of organization demands the chairperson be knowledgeable of all Club functions. The chairperson should plan to:  Actively attend all Club functions and promote membership.  Promote a respectable image of the SAEINDIA Club and the University.  Maintain proper communication with officers, members, faculty Adviser, section and the engineering departments within the college.  Run all general meetings and weekly meetings in parliamentary manner.  Maintain an active organizational role in major projects.  Arrange technical speakers in programs of interest.  Distribute responsibilities equally among officers.  Oversee the recording of the activities, both financial and documental.  Review all outgoing communications.  Call and preside over all executive committee and business meetings of the Club. Make certain that the meetings specified in the Collegiate Club constitution are held as required. As presiding officer at business and Executive Committee meetings, the chairperson should know the basic rules of parliamentary procedure.  Prepare an agenda for each meeting.  Have discussion pertinent to the subject under discussion.  Call for committee reports.  Make assignments when indicated.  Follow up with all committees in order to ensure continuity and execution of their assignments. With the consent of the Executive Committee, remove an inactive committee chairperson or member and appoint a successor. The chairperson is an ex-officio officer of all committees. VICE CHAIR PERSON The vice chair may be called upon at any time to assume the responsibility of the chairperson. Thus, it is essential for the vice chair to work closely with the chairperson and to attend executive committee and Club meetings regularly. Often, a vice chair is given other responsibilities. They may be asked to assume chairmanship of the Program committee or the Publicity Committee with the additional duties described under these two headings. SECRETARY The secretary is responsible for maintaining Club records. the duties include:  Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date list of the Club members and advising SAEINDIA Headquarters of any changes in address immediately in order to avoid mailing problems.  Issuing calls for Executive Committee meetings, as instructed by the chairperson.  Preparing minutes of meetings and business sessions of Club meetings, sending copies to the chairperson and the SAEINDIA headquarters.  Immediately informing headquarters of all the sections and committee chairmanship appointments as well as any changes that may occur in these offices.  Delivering all records, card file, historical information, and other pertinent data to their successor at the end of their term of office.  Maintaining a record of all Club correspondence.  Assist in arranging tech speakers and programs each year.  Contribute to the common goal of increasing student projects, activities and membership.  Maintain a current and up-to-date file of all Club communications.  Record general meeting minutes and read them at the following general meeting.  Submit materials for Allied Signal Outstanding Collegiate Branch Award. Like the other officer positions, the secretary represents the Club to the students, staff and individuals outside the university. It is their responsibility to represent SAEINDIA and their University appropriately. TREASURER The treasurer’s assignment is administration of Club finances. Arrangements should be made with their predecessor for the transfer of Club funds and cooperation in preparing the Club budget for approval at the initial meetings of the Executive Committee and the Club. The budget must be realistic and assure that expenses do not exceed income.The treasurer should make a report on the organization’s financial status at each Club meeting and cooperate with the chairperson in making certain that the budget is adhered to. The budget should be reviewed periodically and revised if there are indications that income or expense is other than anticipated. It is the treasurer’s responsibility to collect SAEINDIA student membership fee and Club dues. The student membership fee should be followed to the SAEINDIA headquarters without delay, together with a memo stating the amount enclosed and listing the names of the individuals whose enrollment fees are included. A copy of this memo should be given to the Club secretary for their records. A student membership application must be included for each student who was not previously a student member of SAEINDIA. Compliance with the foregoing will enable SAEINDIA headquarters to record membership promptly, make certain that students receive the service to which they are entitled. The function of the treasurer is to keep accurate records of the Club’s income and disbursements and be accountable for all Club finances. In addition, the treasurer may be called upon to:  Open a Bank Account in the name of SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of……………(mention College Name) and operated the account through both the Faculty Advisers.  Give a financial report at each general meeting.  Submit a financial report after every Club activity.  Send all membership applications to SAEINDIA headquarters, both new and renewal members.  Maintain a roster of members.  Set up and direct the membership drives.  Assist in arranging technical meetings and programs.  Attend all Club functions in an active capacity.  Become an active member of all committees. The following are the options for additional officers, however, if there are no additional officers, these may be distributed among the officers with duties above. PROGRAM CHAIR It is the responsibility of this person to establish meeting programs of interest to all members of the club. • Plan programs that satisfy the informational needs and interest areas of club. • May include planning of projects and SAEINDIA Collegiate Design Competition activities. RECEPTION CHAIR The reception chair will contribute generally to the success of the club by extending a cordial welcome to new members and guests attending its meeting. Committee members should be on the lookout for new attendees. They should introduce themselves and they see that they meet other members of the club. Appoint several individuals to act as escorts for guests. It is helpful for the members of the reception committee to wear distinguishing badges so new members and guests can easily identify them. The Reception Chair should work closely with the Membership Chair and introduce its representatives to guests indicating an interest in SAEINDIA and student membership. The Reception Chair often is called upon to help extend the courtesies of the club to visiting speakers and off-campus guests. PUBLICITY CHAIR The Publicity Chairperson should develop a working relationship with the editor of the school paper and learn the best procedure to follow in order to get club news published including: • Election of officers and appointment of committee chairpersons. • Announcement of forth coming meetings. • Listing of meetings in calendar of events. • A report of the meeting. • Design projects. It is important that the publicity chair cooperate with the program chair to obtain early information about each meeting in order to meet deadlines for meeting notices and release to media. MEMBERSHIP CHAIR An active and alert membership chair is the key to SAEINDIA’s growth on the campus. A strong membership committee should be assembled as soon as possible following the chairperson’s appointment. An active team that will promote SAEINDIA should be in action when students arrive on campus following summer vacation. Individual committee members should be assigned specific areas to cover and an SAEINDIA booth should be set up in a central area to display SAEINDIA publications and application forms for distribution. Students manning the booth should “talk SAEINDIA” and be prepared to answer questions about both SAEINDIA and club activities. MEETINGS Successful meetings are the result of careful planning and required the constructive cooperation of the club officers. DETERMINING TOPICS OF INTEREST The program chairperson is responsible for deciding what technical subjects are of greatest interest to the collegiate club members and for securing qualified speakers on these subjects. This can be determined by making an informal survey – asking individual members what topics they would like to have presented. The faculty Adviser can help by recalling meetings that have been outstanding successes during past administrations and by suggesting topics of current importance. Based upon the committee’s findings, the program chair should present general outline of the year’s program to the club officers for consideration, together with definite proposals for meetings. Programs should always be scheduled at least one month in advance and announced at the preceding meeting. 11. SAMPLE CONSTITUTION CONSTITUTION OF THE COLLEGIATE CLUB OF THE SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS AT (YOUR COLLEGE NAME) This Collegiate Club has been charted by the SAEINDIA and is subject to the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of parent Society. i. PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meeting that will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAEINDIA Section activities. ii. NAME The name of this organization shall be SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of ………………………………. (your College name) iii. MEMBERSHIP Students attending (your College name) who are SAEINDIA student members or SAEINDIA members are qualified to become members of this organization. iv. OFFICERS The elective officers of the organization shall be: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer The above officers shall be elected by majority vote at a regular meeting of the Collegiate Club. The election shall take place at least one month before the close of the College year. Officers thus elected shall take office immediately following the close of the College year and serve for one year. v. FACULTY ADVISER The Collegiate Club, at all times, have an official Faculty Adviser. It shall be the Faculty Adviser’s responsibility to consult with Collegiate Club officers on matters pertaining to SAEINDIA and College policies, to serve a liaison between the Collegiate Club, the Society and the local SAEINDIA Section, and to advise the officers on Collegiate Club matters. vi. OFFICERS RESPONSIBILITY The chairperson shall call and preside over Collegiate Club business meetings and meetings of its executive committee. The Vice Chair shall assume the responsibilities of the chair should the chair be unable to perform the duties. The Secretary shall maintain the Collegiate Club membership records and prepare minutes of business meetings and executive committee meetings. The Treasurer shall keep a record of the Collegiate Club income and disbursements and keep the executive committee advised of the Club’s financial status. vii. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Collegiate Club shall hold a minimum of six technical meetings and two business meetings during the academic year. Business meetings may be held in conjunction with technical meetings. Each business meeting shall include:  Secretary’s report  Treasurer’s report  Pertinent Committee reports  Old Business (if any)  New Business viii. QUORUM A quorum shall consist one-third of the members in good standing. ix. STANDING COMMITTEES The chair, with the concurrence of the Club officers, shall appoint Chairs to all committees necessary to carry on the activities of the Club, including but not limited to:  Membership Committee  Program Committee  Reception Committee  Publicity Committee The chair of each committee shall appoint members of the Club to serve with them. They shall report these appointments at the first meeting of the Executive Committee. x. AMENDMENT An amendment may be proposed by action of executive committee or by petition signed by ten or more members in good standing, which may include Collegiate Club’s Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Faculty Adviser, Additional Faculty Adviser VCSC, SAEINDIA Section Chair and its Secretary. 12. GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING EVENTS The main purpose of SAEINDIA Collegiate club is to promote mobility engineering related activities in the college. There are a large variety of activities that can be done in the college. Some examples are Seminars Paper presentations Design contests Quiz contests Lecture meetings & Industry Visits. There are many more activities. Refer to websites of SAE collegiate clubs in US and other engineering colleges in India to get more ideas. Celebrations are integral part of student life. Hence there should be good amount of celebrations. Some of the suggested occasions are:

 Club Inauguration

 Annual conclusion

 Student Engineer Day

 Technology Day

 Please look for more occasions.

The following aspects should always be considered:  Fun  Learning  Alignment with the college curriculum  Intertwine celebrations and activities to get the best of fun, learning and alignment with curriculum. Involving other colleges and getting involved in other college activities are required. This fosters friendship and wider sharing of knowledge and experience. Intercollegiate events provide a good opportunity to do the above. However, conducting such events require long-term planning and large resources in terms of money and man-hours. Hence number of such events should be limited and should be done in accordance with the guidelines set by the SAEINDIA local section.

SAEINDIA local section has its own plans of intercollegiate events such as Student Convention and Design Contests. Considering many factors, the section has to decide as to which college should host these events. When a college is selected for hosting the event, other colleges extend full cooperation and support to the hosting college. SAEINDIA conducts many programs not directly linked to the collegiate clubs. Depending on the nature of such events, SAEINDIA may request involvement of college students. Such requests are made only when it is clear that the students will be benefited. 13. BEST COLLEGIATE CLUB AWARD SELECTION CRITERIA

 Number of SAEINDIA student Members in the club during the current year

 Number of SAEINDIA Members from the faculty in the institution during the current year

 Programs and activities organized by the club in the current year

 SAEINDIA Student Member participation in programs, conferences and seminars organized by other colleges, Institutions and professional societies with details of prizes and awards won.

 Initiative taken for establishing / reviving SAEINDIA Collegiate Clubs in the neighboring institutions.  APPLICATION A write up covering the accomplishments in the areas given in selection criteria should be sent to SAEINDIA through section office. The application must be made before 31st July every year. GIVING AWAY THE AWARD The award will be presented to the winning college in a major SAEINDIA event. If the college so wishes, the award may be given in a section event. 14.a. REIMBURSEMENTS FROM SAEINDIA In order to activate the Programs of the Collegiate Club, SAEINDIA reimburses a sum of Rs 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per student member to the Collegiate Club. The reimbursement can be claimed by utilizing the “Re-imbursement claim form “which can be downloaded from our website. The Reimbursement amount is strictly sent only to: SAEINDIA Collegiate club (the Collegiate Club’s name) and as such a Bank Account should be opened as SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of …..( name of college) and operated by the two Faculty Advisers The Reimbursement shall not be made to any other account including that of the college

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