This online Crash course is made by the mentors & instructors from BAJA  Tutor.

You can start this Automotive Engineering Online Course anytime at your pace. In this online crash course you will be guided through the basics of designing and manufacturing an BAJA ATV.


  • Concepts on major sub-components design and analysis of an Automobile.
  • If you are a novice, and are curious to know about Automobile. you will get to learn and clear your doubts about the fundamental topics of Automobile which includes – Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Tyres, Chassis, Power Train. We will also be teaching you the importance, applications and opportunities available in Automobile industry. The latest Safety measures will be discussed in detail at the end of this course.
  • Team work is one thing that we don’t want you to miss, Yes, It’s an essentially form of students. We will be teaching you how to divide different roles in the team which work for a common goal starting from engineering, design all the way to driver through going about the marketing professionals.
  • Now, because our team is specialized in SAE events we will be discussing in details over the topics like -Design Failure Mode Affective Analysis, Design Validation Plan, Project Plan, Vehicle Analysis, Costing and an overview on different competitions.

COURSE CONTENT – Automotive Engineering Online Course

Now, this course is made to enlighten you about the basics of Automobile in general and various career opportunities available in particular. If you are an university student, We will be teaching you the various projects which you can go about in your due course of study. We have compiled and created a list of topics to be taught which are most difficult to understand and are frequently asked by BAJA and FSAE teams.

BAJA and FSAE are the two most prestigious and renowned Automotive engineering events conducted by SAE annually, where university students can use their theoretical knowledge in practice by designing and building an ATV buggy or a Formula student race car. The aim here is to take the students away from the traditional university education which is pretty theoretical and these events gives an opportunity to use it in the practice. Participating in these events give you an upper hand on what you are going to see in industry and real world.


Project Planning
Roll Cage
3D View & Analysis
Safety & Electricals
Design Validation
Cost & Weight Estimation
Research & Marketing
Team Formation

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