Friends everyone knows education is very important, I think you understand what I am saying and especially mechanical engineering students struggled with lot problems, they don’t have guidance about engineering education like which books are used to our education and which type jobs are we get.

friends WhatsApp group links are used for this type of student and people, MEC students you don’t worry about that your bad time is gone. We have a wide range Of WhatsApp group links list with a min of 220+ WhatsApp group links list for each post and we also accept WhatsApp group links from you so if you have any type of WhatsApp group invite link then do share it with us so that I will update your link into the post.


Whatsapp is a very popular social media Application in android, ios, windows. and We Can Create Whatsapp Group in Whatsapp application. In this Whatsapp Group, We can add up to 256 members and send any Message, Video, Photos, etc. By making any group you can send any type of message in a second.


  • Don’t share other group details
  • Don’t abuse group members and group admin
  • Don’t make video calls
  • Friends don’t share illegal content
  • Don’t text religion type messages
  • Only education details are allowed
  • Give respect and take respect
  • Adult content not allowed
  • Do not change the group name or group image
  • Do not spam the group
  • You are not allowed to share any type of links
  • Don’t be offended if others leave.
  • For more rules check the description of the group after joining or ask the group admin.
  • No promotion or Adverting in these groups

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