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HM-1000: Getting Started with HyperMesh

HM-1010: Opening and Saving Files

HM-1020: Working with Panels

HM-1030:Organizing a Model

HM-1040: Controlling the Display


HM-2000: Importing and Repairing CAD

HM-2010: Generating a Midsurface

HM-2020: Simplifying Geometry

HM-2030: Refining Topology to Achieve a Quality Mesh

HM-2040: Creating and Editing Line Data

HM-2060: Creating and Editing Solid Geometry

HM-2070: Geometry and Mesh Editing Using the Quick Edit Panel

HM-2080: Modifying Models using solidThinking

HM-2090: Dimensioning


1-D Elements

HM-3000: Creating 1-D Elements

2-D Elements

HM-3100: AutoMeshing

HM-3110: Meshing without Surfaces

HM-3120: 2-D Mesh in Curved Surfaces

HM-3130: QI Mesh Creation

HM-3140: Batch Meshing

2 HyperMesh Core Tutorials Altair Engineering

Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering

HM-3150: Meshing a Model Using Shrink Wrap

3-D Elements

HM-3200: Tetrameshing

HM-3210: Creating a Hex-Penta Mesh using Surfaces

HM-3220: Creating a Hexahedral Mesh using the Solid Map Function

HM-3270: Using the TetraMesh Process Manager


HM-3300: Checking and Editing Mesh

HM-3320: Penetration


HM-3400: Creating Connectors

HM-3410: Creating Area Connectors

HM-3420: Creating Bolt Connectors

HM-3430: Part Replacement Through Connectors


HM-3510: Freehand Morphing

HM-3520: Sculpting

HM-3530: Changing a Curvature Using Map to Geometry

HM-3540: Changing a Profile Using Map to Sections

HM-3550: Morph Volume

HM-3560: Basics of Domains and Handles

HM-3570: Altering Cross-Sections Using Domains

HM-3580: Morphing About an Axis Using Domains

HM-3590: Morph Adhesive Layers

HM-3600: Morph Tube to Different Configurations

Altair Engineering HyperMesh Core Tutorials 3

Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering

HM-3610: Shaping a Dome Using Cyclic Symmetry

HM-3620: Shaping a Bead Using Cyclic Symmetry

HM-3625: Morph a Symmetric Part onto a New Geometry

HM-3630: Morphing with Shapes

HM-3640: Interpolating Loads Using Shapes

HM-3650: Creating Shapes Using Record

HM-3660: Maintaining Area Using Constraints

HM-3670: Positioning a Dummy Using Limiting Constraints

HM-3680: Preserving a Shape Using Cluster Constraints

HM-3690: Remeshing Domains After Morphing

Analysis Setup

HM-4000: Setting up Loading Conditions

HM-4010: Formatting Model for Analysis

HM-4020: Obtaining and Assigning Beam Cross-Section Properties using HyperBeam

HM-4030: Defining Composites

HM-4040: Working with Loads on Geometry

HM-4060: Working with Include Files

HM-4070: OptiView



HM-8010: Add a Button to the User Page on the Utility Menu

HM-8020: Create a Utility Menu Macro From a Command File

HM-8030: Create a Utility Menu Macro to Create Constraints on a Plane

HM-8040: Create a Utility Menu Macro from a Tcl Script

HM-8050: Create Forces on Nodes and Add a Button on the User Page

HM-8060: Calculate the Resultant Sum of Forces

HM-8070: Create Spline Surfaces on Tria Elements

HM-8080: Calculate the Radius of an Arc


HM-8090: Create an OptiStruct PSHELL property


HM-9000: Exporting Data for Fatigue Analysis

HM-9010: Free Body Diagram

NOTE : HyperMesh Core Tutorials Altair Engineering is a Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering

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