Download Vehicle Dynamic Books

Here are some of the books, an auto enthusiast would likely to go through.
Click on the link given.


  • Automotive Engineering Fundamentals by Richard stone – Download
  • Advanced Materials (Chasis & Frame) for Automotive Technology by Brian Cantor; Taylor and Francis – Download
  • Automotive Engineering Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body – Download
  • Automotive Control System , for Engine , Driveline and Vehicle by Uwe Kiencke – Download
  • Automotive Computer Controlled Systems  by Allan W.M. Bonnick – Download
  • Automobile Electrical & Electronic System. by Tom Denton – Download 
  • Advanced Automotive Technology, Vision of a super efficient car – Download
  • Projects in Automobile Engineering by Guru Teg Bahadur Polytechnique College –  Download
  • Automobile Engineering , A general Reference Work ; American Technical Society ,1920 –Download
  • Gas Turbine combustion, Alternative fuels and Emission by Arthur H. Lefebvre – Download


  • Fundamentals of vehicle Dynamics by Thomas D. Gillespie – Download
  • Vehicle Dynamics Theory and Applications by Reza N. Jazar – Download
  • The Multi-Body System Approach to Vehicle Dynamics by Mike Blundell – Download
  • Vehicle Dynamics , University of Applied Science , Dr. Georg Rill Lecture Notes –Download
  • Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics by Hans B. Pasejka – Download
  • Vehicle Handling and Dynamics, Theory and Applications by Masato Abe – Download
  • Ground vehicle Dynamics by Karl Popp – Download
  • Chassis Hand-Book – Download

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