International BAJA SAE Rulebook :

       Indian BAJA SAEINDIA Rulebook :

There are certain Vehicle Regulations being followed Internationally set by UN. For Indian Nationalists these rules are set by  Indian Vehicle Regulation Act 1992. (it’s not mandatory for your vehicle to follow these rules but some regions like South Africa encourage its use.)

  • UN Vehicle Regulations – 1958 Agreement : Download
  • Indian Motor Vehicle Rule : Download

SAE Collegiate Design Series Rules & Important Documents

Rules Questions are answered by following the submission instructions published on by going to and clicking “Submit a Rules Question” on the Quick Links menu on the right.

Baja SAE Rules

* This is a .pdf file. You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.
** These are Microsoft Excel documents. You must have this software to view them.


  1. Prateek Gaikwad

    can you please provide me with the exact dimensions of each member of the roll cage as per the rule book 2015?

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